Commercial Weed Control


At Commercial Weed Control, we offer customized weed control, vegetation management, brush mowing, and chemical weed control services that will suit your business needs. We can help you keep weed and unwanted vegetation away from your premises including industrial sites, construction yards, rail yards, commercial properties, tank farms, and boat storage facilities. Aside from these services, we specialize in bare ground and soil sterilization using harmless herbicides and effective techniques. Commercial Weed Control offers services to independent businesses, contractors, builders, government organizations and large property owners.

Vegetation Management on Rail Yards

Custom weed control service on railroad yards. We provide pre-emergent treatments in the spring and post-emergent in the summer. The proactive treatment.

Bare ground and soil sterilization

Commercial Weed Control provides vegetation management at meter stations, pump stations and compressor stations. We guarantee a bare ground results.

Retention and Detention Pond Maintenance

Commercial Weed Control keeps your existing permits up to date. We will complete all paperwork and pay for yearly permits to keep you current with city and county requirements.

Industrial Weed Spraying

When land and property is left unattended, weeds and grass creeps up everywhere covering landscapes, machinery that is not currently being used, infrequently used rail yards, storage houses, natural and artificial water tanks and even walls, resulting in work obstruction and rapid wear and tear. When vines begin to penetrate into your walls or on your roof it can cause irreparable damage. It can also enter your machinery and causing it to jam. Commercial Weed Control services can nip the problem in the bud. Timely soil sterilization can keep your plants disease-free and pest free. Soil sterilization can keep harmful organisms and plants such as bacteria, viruses, nematodes, fungi, weeds and pests at bay. Bare ground is particularly vulnerable to top layer erosion and infection. We use a combination of chemical processes to sterilize your soil and consolidate your bare ground. These methods are completely harmless and neither leave side-effects nor harm the vegetation that you would like to maintain. We not only remove your present weed, we also use specialized herbicides to make sure that it doesn’t resurface.

Fence Line Spraying

Brush too rapidly grows wherever it can find space to dig its roots. We use our own equipment including, dozers, tractors and hauling trucks. Provide Commercial Weed Control the details, we will take care of the work. We make sure that the roots of the plants you want on your premises are not harmed while the brush is being mowed. We use special equipment and techniques to weed out only the unwanted plants.  You can immediately see the beauty of your property once it has been cleared of the brush. Maintaining your property’s infrastructure is an ongoing process. Taking care of weeds and wild vegetation is an integral part of it. These plants may seem harmless in the beginning but if left unattended they have the potential of jeopardizing your business operations completely. So it is better to take care of them as soon as they surface or better, before they can germinate. Let Commercial Weed Control get to the ROOT of the problem.

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